Kiki – this one is for you with lots of love from all your Kids :-)

Kiki Mom…

We had a fantastic picnic Saturday. This year we went to Nepal Thok on the new Japanese ‘highway’  with the most fantastic view to the mountains on the bus trip going there.

We had a lot of very good food prepared on the river side and a very nice sandy beach where the boys played football, and beautiful crystal clear water where we were fishing and swimming..

Hope you are getting better – we look so much forward to seeing you again.

We love you

All your Kids at the children’s home.



Hi Kiki… promised to forward regards and love from all your (and our) small friends in Lubho. We share their love on this blog so our guests can see what they contribute to by staying at Tings…

Hope you are getting better and are looking forward to having you back in Nepal soon..




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