A few words from an unhappy guest…

“It’s like an youth hostel not a hotel”

IndianImage fr0m Jaipur is tough on Tings in his review on TripAdvisor.

We are very sorry for his bad experience and apologize that:

  • our kitchen close at 9 pm like 99 % of all restaurants in Kathmandu
  • our lounge – like all restaurants in Nepal – have to close at 10 pm
  • Tings guests are not allowed to smoke inside the lounge and rooms…
  • Tings is NOT a pizzeria…
  • we make crispy snack pizzas with the most expensive cheese you can get in Nepal – Danish Blue Cheese
  • we don’t sell alcohol in pitches or bottles like all the dance bars around town..

So if you’re a fun loving, smoking kind of a person who love to party all night  and looking for a hotel: forget about Tings – or forget about Nepal at all.

Everybody else are more than welcome 🙂 And we promise that we’ll have staff staying all night to open the gate for you if you return after 10 pm – and use the night bell.


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