Broke our rules this morning :-)

We have a few rules at Tings…

The best doughnuts in town!

Not a lot – only a few rules that makes sense and are easy to live with.

One of them is about shopping.

99 % of all we use and consume must be bought within ‘100 meter’ from Tings – in other words: We shop locally!

The reason is of course to support the local community – to help our neighbours so they help us when we need it. And also because we don’t want to complicate things by using too many exotic and expensive ingredients from the expat shops in town. It’s not necessary…

There are a few exceptions though.

One of them is our doughnuts!

When Thomas feel like taking an early morning walk (like this morning) we buy them fresh from the bakery one mile from Tings…

He just got back with a big bag of fresh and crispy delicacies to ‘pimp’ up the morning buffet…

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