Claus Jørgensen from The Mad House Visits Tings


From today and the  next two months our close friend and Chef Claus Jørgensen will stay at Tings. He will take over stay in our flat while we are travelling.

We both love food and love to cook. But we don’t have the knowledge and experience it takes to run a kitchen in a professional way. And that’s what Jit and the other guys in the kitchen needs in order to use their potential – at Tings and where ever they will be in the future…

Claus has a waste experience from some of the best and most successful Danish Restaurants the last 25 years. An experience he shares through his company Villa Vanvid (In English: The Mad House). And he is willing to share his knowledge with our staff…

And since Claus is here he has promised to give our friends and guests new gastronomic adventures… as he writes on his new blog:




From January 2012 I will take the Villavanvid kitchen with me to Nepal.

Here I will cook with the chef Jit Shrestha, at Tings Tea Lounge & Tings Lounge Hotel

We will start up in the classical French and italian cuisine and we will see where we end. One thing for sure, will take care of the all the cuisine we meet and treat it with respect.

Together we will also make catering and events for privat people an companies as well.
For more information please mail: Claus Jørgensen

One of my passions is to give my knowledge further and therefore I’ll also spend much of my time at the Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality Food Development and Consulting

See you in Kathmandu after New Year

Claus Jørgensen


We are not only happy to helping Claus living out his dream of working in city like Kathmandu.

We’re also happy for the unique opportunity our staff gets to get knowledge and inspiration from an experienced chef – not the way they do at Hotel Management Schools but through working closely together everyday for two months.

This will make a difference – and that’s what’s Tings is about.

Claus arrives today – so come by and give him a hug…

With a little help from a friend - Jite with Danish Chef Claus KARMAMAN Jørgensen

Claus with our chef Jit!!

Big hugs to you all… Thomas & Annette (from Bangkok – on the way to Burma).



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