Warm regards from Maurice who returned to Chile a week ago…

Hello Annette, Thomas, Ani and everybody at Tings!

I am back in Chile after a loooong journey of many many days.

The day I left it was to early to say THANK YOU to all of you and to repeat once more that you have an excellent place there in Kathmandu. And that is basically because of you: the people working at Tings who produce and excellent atmosphere. It is like a miracle to find this relaxing place in the heart of ‘crazy’ Kathmandu.

I would love to go back to Nepal: one month was definetely not enough … so if sometime I can go back there I will definetely see you again!!! Your place feels like the basecamp to go out in Nepal. And after every journey of days or weeks around the country is really pleasant to know that going through Kathmandu you are going back in Tings, getting ready for another one.

Thank you for all the improvisation with me. Thats what I like! Great people, food and place.

Hope to see you again.

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