Good Morning Kathmandu – Good Morning World. WE TAKE A DAY OFF!

It’s a BIG day today

For the first time in the history of Tings we, all staff, go for a all-day-picnic. After breakfast we’ll go to Namo Buddha for lunch and & puja, from here to Bhaktapur for more lunch and sightseeing and then backt to Kathmandu, to Thamel for dinner and party. And we deserve it! We have been running like mad the past 6 weeks to make the stay for our guests as good as possible AND to start a lot of new things to support  the ambience we want around Tings. In the lounge we have introduced Art@Tings with two openings in 2 weeks:

First: The photo exhibition Jazz Legends that decorated our walls during the five days Jazzmandu’ 11 festival. More than 100 people came for the opening – a big surprise to us all. An even bigger surprise were all the jazz tourist that came during the week to see Jan Persson’s and Kirsten Malone’s fantastic portraits.

Second: The  Street Art@Tings exhibition with 15 fantastic paintings by Bruno Levy opened last week. Again with a crowd that exceeded our expectations by far. In numbers and in quality…

Thanks to you all. Bruno’s works will be up for another 3 weeks.


Jit and Kasper play food

As if this wasn’t enough.

We have had 3 spontaneous Playfood dinners with Thomas, Kasper and Claus crashing the kitchen with delicious food (actually four if we include the Tihar dinner for the guests that helped us decorating)… We love the evenings where people from all over the world sit and eat together exchanging stories, travelling tips and contact infos. That’s what Tings is about.

Anders & Anders after receiving their Tihar Tikka… you may not believe us. But they enjoyed it… Didn’t you?

Besides that we celebrated Dashain and last week Tihar with pujas, more food and colorful decorations everywhere. The latter became something very special – without planning it many guests ended up helping us making the decoration for the Laxmi puja on ground in the garden. In our opinion the most beautiful in town 🙂

Art @ Tings by Mirande, Julie, Kirsten and Anni

All these things were arranged whit a SOLD OUT hotel – AND with half of the staff on holiday celebrating the festivals in their villages. IMPRESSING!

Muskhan got back yesterday after 3 days travelling from her village. Ally had missed her

What warms our hearts are all the fantastic mails, FB messages, hugs, kisses and reviews we keep getting from guets (and new friends) that have stayed with us. Since the last time we checked TripAdvisor we have got 5-6 new fantastic reviews Just Like Home In Kathmandu…. Creative, warm and visionary hosts, cool and efficient local staff in a eminent cool for cats setting makes this place unique, not only to Kathmandu but to the hotel bizz as a hole. Thanks you for the home baked bread and french cheese every morning. And thanks for all that Jazz. Chilled out and pretty …. And the good things are in abundance: pretty rooms and common areas, relaxing hosts with just the right amount of attentiveness, wide selection of nice teas and did I mention the rather delicious breakfast? My stay at Tings at the end of my trip to Nepal was the perfect end to a really wonderful time in Nepal. Thank you Tings! Wonderful caring, clean and crazy value for moneyTravelling a lot all over the world rarely do you arrive to a little oase where you feel so welcomed and so well taking care of as Tings Lounge Hotel in KAthmandu..  We really appreciate your comments – and we use the feedback to improve your stay.

Kirsten and Henry waiting impatiently for their Tihar dinner

As you understand, we work hard. So hard that we forget ourselves, and forget stopping up for a few minutes and enjoy the results of our efforts. So two days ago we decided to take advantages of having our Danish friends Claus, Otto and Thomas staying with us. We misuse our friendship by handing over Tings (including guests) to them for the whole day. So for the first time ever we have a chance to have some quality time together. We deserve it. So dear guests and friends – enjoy your day. And look forward to the upcoming months with food from our new grill, warm gas heaters, Movies @ Tings, music and laughter…   Annette & Thomas

Ally will of course stay back @ Tings and help Claus, Otto and Thomas looking after the guests

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