Jazz for Dummies – Tings introduction to Jazz #2

Welcome to day one of Jazzmandu ’11.

Was at Jazz Upstairs last night. An excellent night and a very promising kick off for the coming 5 jazz-days. Maybe a  little too much LKJ Drum ‘n’ Bass and too little jazz. BUT a very groovy and ‘vibrating’ evening that inspirede me for this morning’s Jazz for Dummies set #2. Why not continue the ‘party’ mood from yesterday with 5 jazz party tracks!

And why not start with the party track of them all.



#6 The Vibrator by Brother Jack Mcduff. Play it at your next party a see what happens, and play it LOUD!

A perfect track to start your day… and what an organ solo!




#7 Birdland by Weather Report, from Heavy Weather. 


Another master piece from Joe Zawinul… remember? My first track from yesterday…Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.




#8 Water Melon Man by Herbie Hanckok from Takin’ Off


If you went to school in the 70’ies in Copenhagen I’m 100 % sure that you have played this track in your music class.

And I’m also 100 % sure that it sounded awful.

I still don’t understand how my teacher could do this horror to Herbie… on the other hand Watermelon Man (from Head Hunter) introduced me to Takin’ Off, Inventions and Dimensions and of course Cantaloupe Island the masterpiece that US3 sampled in the 90’ies… a track I’ll pick up again in my final Jazz for Dummies posting in a couple of days.



#9 Armando’s Rhumba by Chick Corea from My Spanish Heart


Another favorite of mine from one of the biggest jazz-hit-composers in my opinion. It was my intention to play Spain from Light as a Feather (w. Stanley Clark on bass) – but somehow Armando is more in line with the grooves from last night



#10 Spiral Dance by Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek


What do I say… two geniuses, both with a huge catalogue on my favorite Jazz Lable – ECM Records (after Blue Note of course). My dream is to see Garbarek playing with Sukarma… and why not in Thamel so all the tourist get a change to see original Nepale music instead of all the crap cover music played by lousy musicians…

Keith Jarrett is portrayed by Jan Persson in the Jazz Legend exhibition that opens today.

See you later..



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