Friends arriving, Szechuan Pebers, Trip Advisor and Jazz.

If you like spicy and tasty food you’ll love this.

Woke up to the most beautiful sunrise you can imagine – with the first glimpse of the Himalayan peaks after the monsoon. Saw them from roof when I made the Szchuan Chilis ready for sun drying. We got the chilis from Kasper yesterday (Straight from the local market in Beijing where he lives).

Really good and tasty chilis are difficult to find in Nepal.

Aren't they beautiful these mean little bastards!

When we opened the computer two reviews from satisfied guests clicked in

Stayed at Tings for 12 nights with husband and 5 other Aussies helping out with Rotary projects. Location is great – easy walk to Thamel and good restaurants. Lots of areas where you can just chill out, read a book and fire up your laptop – WiFi is great.


This is a safe haven from the hurly burly of Katmandu, the staff were outstanding. Anna was a delight. we were very happy to be staying here for ten nights

Both reviews from Aussies from Down Under. Read them here. (And to Polly – as soon as life gets back mto normal, we’ll have a look into the mattresses)

Friends arriving from…

I know – we have a house full of friends from all over the world.

Still we feel it’s something special when friends from Copenhagen cross the world to come by and say halo. This afternoon Thomas will pick up Mette and Charlotte from the airport. And this is not all – they will bring 40 high quality photo prints of the greatest Jazz Legends in the history. Miles, Dexter, Sonny Rollins, Ella, Evans etc. captured by the linses of Jan Persson and Kirsten Malone who have forward their best works for the upcoming photo exhibition that will be kicked up when Jazzmandu 2011 starts… stay tuned.

Jazz is not dead. It just smells funny. Frank Zappa, Roxy and Elsewhere.

It’s gonna be a gooooood day.

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