Monica – volunteer, guest and friend – just returned to Sweden.

Everybody is talking about it – especially here in Nepal. Volontering. 

But how is it to spend 3 weeks on ones life working on a NGO project… Monica who stayed with us for 3 weeks did it. And she is sharing her experiences on her blog.

Her first story:

My Little Big World gives a good insight in the small world at Tings: ….. I live as I said in Lazimpat where I’ve met a ‘color palette’ of people from all over the world.  At the hotel where I stay, there are only 10 rooms – but there is a flow of people that are so different yet so similar. We who live or pass Tings Tea Lounge Hotel’s  are: Indian students, Americans who work for NGOs (non-governmental oranizations), Australian journalists and anthropologists, Peruvian volunteers, German designers, Danish musician, Japanese jewelry designers, Chinese students, Nepalis doing this ‘n’ that, English diplomats and my self.  Everyone is curious about each other and wonder what we’re doing here, how long we’ve been here, how long we intended to stay and what do we have plans tomorrow or in the evening. We all wonder if we still have time to discover some new places – if we still have time to go trekking in the Himalayas, cycling in the crazy traffic in K-du, do some yoga, see the urban parts of Thamel and Patan, shopping, eating dinner or….  The other day, an Italian chef passed by and cooked for everyone at the hotel who wanted ton join in. The food was of course lovely. And here we sat all who come here with all our well intentioned purposes, all of our backgrounds, our religions and political views and were united in the food and talked. The talks were intelligent and in-depth on just art, music, religion, politics and love.  The staff has become like a part of my temporary family along with the other guests. Together we talk about life in Nepal, their jobs, dreams and education which seems to be the key to everything here.  All these encounters and people that I meet at shows that we are more alike than different. We all have different circumstances but all share the same dreams and ideas. To be a part of this – to let all these people make an unforgettable impression on me and I in them, is fantastic I believe. My little big world! (translated from Swedish by Google Translate)


Read the rest of Monica’s blog posting: My Little Big World and the other 4 blog posting from her 3 weeks in Kathmandu on Volontärbloggar (the blog is in Swedish – but Google Translate will help you).


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