News from the Tea Lounge: 4 BRAND NEW NEPALI TEAS

We have a lot of stories and news to share… so stay tuned.

Since our arrival in Nepal two-and-a-half years ago Annette has worked hard getting some of th best teas Nepal produces… for some reasons it’s very difficult.

Before Annette left for Copenhagen this Saturday (she will return on 13 August) she got a break-though in her tea hunt.

She has managed to get the following four teas – all organic:

  • An Outstanding Himalayan Oolong – light, round and tasty, sweet and slightly ‘smoky’ taste.
  • A fantastic White Tea – dry and light with a sweet and flowery after taste. high on oxidants
  • Special ‘fresh’ green tea – selected tea leafs, fast-dried  to keep the green color and fresh taste.
  • Himalayan Ding Dong – a complety new tea, and very rare. Inspired by the  Dong Ding Oolong, this one is a green tea made
    with special selected leaves, steamed and hand rolled to pearls before withering. The taste is fresh, ‘raw’ and slightly smoky.
All teas are from Kanchanjangha Tea Estate.
The four will be included include in our new Tea Menu Annette is working on. If you’re interested we have them already – so just ask.

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