It’s raining cats and dogs! But our guests shines at Tings…

The monsoon has hit Kathmandu – today is the 3rd with non-stop rain.

If it wasn’t for all the happy things that surround us the weather would be really hard to deal with…

This morning Manesh was shining everywhere – he left his orphanage yesterday and returned with Marianne and Claus. Tings is his first stop before they can return home to Denmark. Until they get their papers he’ll share his good spirit at Tings…. cool little guy!

Tomorrow Kiki Mom will visit us with all our fantastic kids – 27 in all! Will treat them with pasta + tomato sauce, roasted chicken, pizzas and Banana/Chocolate cakes.

The lounge will exceptionally be transformed into a chill out cinema…


And Milou is recovering from her bad wounds… her mind is back to normal or above). Now we’re only waiting for her wounds to heal and her leg to work properly. She is almost a pain in the a**…. but that’s a good sign 🙂

On top of everything our guests and new friends keep praising our small oasis.

See what we woke up to this morning…

One of a kind
If only every city in the world had a Tings. This place has the best of both worlds – tasteful accommodation with backpacker style communal areas to foster interaction between guests. The rooms are simple but beautifully designed and decorated. As are the communal areas. You get the feeling that the owners – Thomas and Annette – have thought long and hard about their own travel experiences and used that to create something unique. It’s a haven from the chaos of Thamel. I wish I could have stayed longer and would recommend it in a flash.


Aren’t we privileged!


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