Good morning Kathmandu

Yesterday was an exhausting day… BUT A GOOD ONE.

Erik and Marlene had their ‘farewell’ party last night at Tings.

Around 30 guests came and enjoyed Vietnamese spring rolls (with our own homegrown herbs), maki rolls, hummos/cucumber sandwiches, pizzas and banana & chocolate cakes.

Must of the guests haven’t been at Tings before – they live and work in Patan. But they will come back 🙂

Milou is recovering fast… she has been eating (or drinking milk as she is NOT allowed to eat), she has pissed in our bed and on our sofa and late last night in her bucket. Right now she is ‘sun bathing’ and cleaning her wounds…

She is NOT allowed to jump or climb. So we have to stay with her for the next couple of days and make sure she’s is not hunting the birds or the monkeys…

Her wounded leg is still very miserable – we doubt she will be able to walk on it again. But let’s wait and see.

Doesn't look good - and she is in pain...


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