We’re back at Tings

After 12 days in Thailand it’s a BIG thrill to be back in Kathmandu – and especially to be back at Tings. We have missed all our guests and all our staff a lot!!!

During our combined holiday/business trip things have changed a lot. The garden is blooming with flowers every where AND our basil has grown so huge that these fantastic green leaves will have their impact on the menu in Tings Tea Lounge in the weeks to come: Pasta with pesto Tomato salad with basil leaves and fresh cheese…. yummy.

During our absence a lot of things have happened.

  • STAFF: Baal, Muskan and Urmilla have started their English Class.
  • WEB: We have got another web provider so we now have both Subisu and NTC which SHOULD make Tings on line 24-7. And since the router is placed on the ground floor it is now possible to work, skype, chat, browse, arrange photos, read etc. every where at Tings… Touch Wood.
  • MOVIE NIGHTS: Good friends of Tings Murray Kerr and Arpan Tapha have started up weekly screening of their own favorite movies. They have promised to continue that – Stay tuned.
  • GUESTS: And we have a lot of guests arriving in the weeks two come. And some of them are returning guests. One of them we are especially happy to have back. Eva – who was here in march will arrive in a weeks time. Unfortunately she will not bring Isak (and Nilo) along. But don’t worry – we will not miss lively children. Eva is in Kathmandu to get Isak’s new younger sister Rajani. Their adoption papers have finally been approved…
  • GUESTS: Thanks to 14 fantastic reviews from you guys and gals out there we have jumped to #2 on TripAdvisor.


Our beloved Milou has disappeared – the last time someone saw her was yesterday afternoon where she was seriously heard from one of the spikes on the fences you have everywhere… a neighbor saw her humping away on three legs – the sorrow of not having her here is devastating 😦

Thomas & Annette

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