TOP 3 on TripAdvisor Popularity Index!!!!

Tings is a must-stay in Kathmandu. Here is a run through for why:

Location is great – It’s tucked away on a quiet side road. Also, I highly recommend staying outside of the tourist-centric madness in Thamel, and Lazimpat gives decent proximity while being in a much quieter, manageable area. There is good food nearby and excellent shopping.

The facilities themselves are modern, comfortable, secure, and attractive. Internet is free (though like internet in all of Nepal, it’s not particularly fast), the snack menu is good, and the beer and wine are plentiful. The common rooms usually have an interesting hotel guest or visitor to the house to converse with. The bedrooms themselves are comfortable with good beds. And there are also very nice en suite bathrooms.

Most of all, the staff is fantastic; all of the locals working here are incredibly nice and fun to be around, and Thomas and Annette are wonderful. Having backpacked my way into Nepal and not having a particular plan, I owe my very memorable trip to them – from the bigger picture to the smaller minutiae, their generous advice made my trip. By the end, I felt like we had become friends; and isn’t that the reason you stay at a place like this?


We are speech less…

2 thoughts on “TOP 3 on TripAdvisor Popularity Index!!!!

  1. Hej Thomas og Anette, Jeg har været inde og kigge på det projekt I er igang med – det ser vel nok spændende ud – håber ikke det tager livet af Jer. Det skal nok blive en vidunderlig oase kan jeg se !

    Måske vi kigger forbi en dag.




    1. Vi er faktisk bare saa overskudsagtige at vi tager til Thailand paa onsdag – lidt business og lidt mere ferie… vi glaeder os vildt – vi har ikke haft en eneste fridag i halvandet aar. Ikke engang en loerdag…..

      Men vi er ovenpaa – ogsaa i den grad.


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