What a day…

We expected a quiet and relaxed day because of the strike. But for reasons unknown to us the strike was cancelled or postponed…

Instead we had the most fantastic day… it started already around 8 am with some of our regular guests coming for breakfast, checking the news on heir computers and just relaxing…

Around noon the reservations started coming in…. first on the phone… later through new guests that have heard about the place and came by to check Tings out. Some stayed and chilled in the sun beds for ours and others sipped cold white wine on the terrase untill sunset.

The clue of the day was JuJu’s Tea Party – the second fundraising event at Tings, where we raise money to HeartBeat’s tea-for-he-street-kids project. With a little luck and some help from you guys out there we hope to create a nice little tradition… We havn’t heard the results from the party – when we do we will keep you informed.

One more thing: Jit, Muskhan & Bal made the most delicious pies, sandwiches, banana cakes and Ice Tea… You guys ROCKS!

We don’t know why – but the sign of he whole day was Charity-Kids-Love.

Kiki with kids

Just before JuJu’s party started Kiki arrived with some off our lovely kids from her Children’s Home. Because of our extreme work load we haven’t visited them for 3 months. Next Saturday all the kids celebrate their birthday… we are looking forward to that!!!

Good night!



One thought on “What a day…

  1. It sounds fantastic! And it surprised my, because I somehow had got the impression that Tings is a tourist and expat oasis, but now I understand that you have actually managed to integrate Tings as a local hangout, which is extraordinary!! Well done and good for you!
    Wish we were there!


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