Well…. we can also just go and see if here are any interesting people at UpStairs, Attic…or?

Just got this invitation:

Join members of InterNations @ Tamarind Restaurant & Bar on Thursday, May 19th, 2011, from 6:30pm for an evening of social networking, cocktails, snacks and music.

The entry fee is Rs650 per person for Basic Members and Rs850 for non-members. Feel free to invite guests but invite them to join
InterNations first in order to enjoy the lower entry fee, which also includes snacks and a welcome drink! For free membership visit
www.internations.org. Tamarind is located in Patan’s “Jhamel area” – Pulchowk, Damkal Chowk, (just across from St Mary’s School) and boasts of indulgent & exotic culinary delights with a touch of class.

InterNations is a  community for people who live and work abroad, and enables members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. InterNations reaches out to the international community: diplomats,
members of IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents, expatriates employed by multinational companies and their family members. It also caters to the interests of local residents with strong ties to this community.

This is exactly what Tings is about. The difference is just:

  • Membership is NOT needed
  • No entrance fee
  • People come on their own free will
  • And it is in Lazimpat

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