Thanks to Nina and all her friends and partners – we really enjoyed your company.

Yesterday marked a break through for all of us at Tings.

We said good buy to Nina and her colleagues at Anin Group after more than 6 days when they lived and worked with their projects  together with their local partners at our premises.

Say Cheese... the work is finished!

Although you have the most fantastic restaurants a few minutes away from us they decided to stay and have dinner on our newly opened roof top terrace 4 nights! The last one with Potato Pizza,  Chevre Chaud, Thai Chicken w. spicy Thai Salad and Cheese Cake w. fresh strawberries… and chilled Tuborg and wine…

We have no pictures of the food - so here is one of our favorite drink.

During their stay our regular guests + a lot of new ones arrived for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a cup of tea – working, reading or just chilling in the shade.

Further more all the other rooms were rented out INCLUDING the two in the penthouse where Thomas and Annette normally lives.

So our new and young staff was really challenged buy all the orders that kept coming in from 9 am – 9 pm and cleaning rooms + common areas and smiling at the same time.

Not only did they manage to produce all the dishes without too much delay.



Even Milou was busy...

So last week was a BIG breakthroughs for all of us at Tings: We were fully booked for several nights! (Sorry to all of you that called for rooms – we hope you managed to get a nice room in Lazimpat).

Unfortunately – or luckily – we have no time for celebrating and relaxation. Yesterday we received guests for 4 rooms and more are coming. Further more we need to evaluate our experiences the past week so we can improve our services, food etc.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Milou is very tired - but she is only a kitten

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