Friday 5th November 2010 – ‘Soft’ opening of Tings

We are in business.

Just said bye, bye to Pia and Lakha’s 20 guests from around the world.

Actually the plan was that they all stayed at Tings. But we are not ready for that… yet.

Instead the came for lunch & lecture – the latter is a short presentation of why&what we are doing in Kathmandu. It’s still difficult for us to understand why people want to spend 3 hours of their precious time in Nepal listening to us talking about our chaotic life. But as we discussed with some of the guests – we are not only living out our own dream, we are living out other peoples dream as well.

The arrangement was our first with the team: Sis, Ksang, Laksmi and ourselves with guest appearence from Jeet.

All in all people had a great day – and all of them praised our food – a buffet that consisted of tastings from the menu in the Tea Lounge: Gazpacho: Nepali style with Ginger and Coriander, Hummos: baised on sweet curd, Mushroom Tapanade: with sunflower seeds, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche, Watermelon salat with mint leaves an brownies and an assortment of local sweets (after all, it’s Tihar).  And of cause with Thomas homebaked bread.

Nice doing something closer to what we like… and not fighting with workers, government offices etc.

Our first 20 guests leave Tings.. they said they liked it 🙂

One thought on “Friday 5th November 2010 – ‘Soft’ opening of Tings

  1. Den buffet lyder helt fantastiskt!! Jeg savner altså bare at komme forbi Købmagergade uanmeldt, hvor vi så hænger om komfuret i køkkenet mens vi laver mad og sludrer aftenen væk…


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