We’re back on the blog…

Hallo everybody!

It’s been a while…

Actually more that 6 weeks since our last posting.

We needed som time to think and – more important – to focus on 1) finishing the house, 2) taking care of ourselves and 3) get distance to this blog that was getting more and more routine work with listings of problems and mistakes during the construction at the expense of all the (to us) funny and interesting elements of our dayly life in Nepal.

In other words – the blog was getting more and more boring (at least to write) and less and less interesting and relevant for friends and people passing by these pages.

To our big surprise, our silence have provoked concerns among family, friends and especially upcoming guests (YES – we have several bookings!).

THAT WAS NOT OUR INTETION – and there are absolutely NO reasons to be worried 🙂

SO – what has actually happend in Tings world since the beginning of September?

And – more important. What is the status of Tings?

Let’s us start with the latter:

As we write these lines there are more that 20 people working on finishing the house. And they have been working  almost 24/7 to make everything ready for 28th October which is our new deadline.

If they will make it on time we can’t tell – but they will be close. The hous is really getting into shape 🙂

To give you an idea look at this litle movie of the 4 rooms in the front house – made this morning.

What you can’t see from this video is the back side of the front house. Here all the plumbing has been finished and nicely covered with solid grey cement witch has given us a nice little backyard where we can keep herbs, flowers and spices i big pots…

All ready on the 26th we will pass our first big mileston: On that date we will move from Tushita into our new LOFT APPARTEMENT.

The coolest place in town..

OH you don’t believ us… hen take a look of these pix from the previous 10 days!

Sorry guys the place looks completely different right now -.but we can’t keep up with the speed of the changes 🙂

What you can’t see on this collage is the build in cupboard in the master bed room, the cupboards and shelves etc in the kitchen, all the doors, mosquito nets everywhere, the walls that has bee painted since thes pix were taken, the down lights etc. But please notice the beautiful slates that are covering the floors everywhere.

The stowe, the bathroom elements (except for the bathtub – (YES THIS IS OUR FETISH – LOL), glass everywhere and a few other important details are yet to come. But don’t worry – we’ll post the missing pieces  on the final collage in a weeks time…..hopefully.

The rest of the house… what’s happening here?

Well – actually things are a bit caotic at the moment. But that is mostly because the workers are working on all frontiers at the same time.

The bathrooms in the ‘tower’ has tiles, plumbing, floors and build in tables for the bassins – all the things that takes time… have a look:

It’s almost there… small but clean!

What we havn’t been so good at updating on this blog is all the woodwork done by the carpenters directed by Annette… almost all furnitures are designed by her.

Add to this build in closets, plateaus, windows, doors, consoles etc…

As she says… it’s like playing with Lego 🙂

Annette directing the wood work…

Actually, all aspects, corners, levels, angels of the whole projects have changed since 6th September… so we can go on posting pictures showing the differences and changes since then.. That doesn’t make sense since everything will be different at Tings once you see them here.

So why not closing this little posting where the last one ended.





How do you hide the sewage pipes from the bathrooms? You just pile up up all the leftovers from the construction and turn it into a new level covered with mosaics, grass or whatever ideas Annette might get…:-) 

So much about the construction.  Postings about ourselves AND our ideas about this blog in the future…

One thought on “We’re back on the blog…

  1. Dejligt at se nyt om projektet og fantastiske billeder. Glæder os til at læse om det færdige resultat. Ikke overrasket over at byggesager kan trække ud i K-du som i K-havn … Knus Kasper&Ingrid


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