Friday 28th August 2010 – Developing of our website starts NOW.

Yesterday evening Annette introduced Prakash and Suudeep for the web design.

The process will be a little complicated because most of the pictures don’t excist. The whole idea is to show how wonderful the place is – the ambience in the garden, the relaxed atmosphere in the tea lounge and of course the stylish comfort in the rooms.

But we’re sure you’ll get an idea of how the web site will look from the following screen dumps of the lay out pages.

After a super cool animated intro with video and sound footage, stills etc from Tings and the neighbourghood you get to the homepage:

The above site is the ‘door’ to either 1) About Tings, 2) Tea Lounge or 3) Lounge Hotel. Until we get  the pictures from the hotel we will use picture from our own travel archive: The graphic pattern to the left is from a monastery in Bhutan, the picture of Annette in the middle is from Profibido (a wonderful extreme bar) in Cuenca/Ecuador and the picture to the right is from Estancia Santa Rita on The Pampas in Argentina.

The following site is the intro page for the rooms. We will have three different categories with working titles: Casual Rooms (cheapest, back packer), Gardens Rooms (in the front house) and Lounge Rooms (Most expensive, Long Term and business):

Within the categories we will of course show details from all the rooms in each of the categories.

Please notice the vertical navigation bar to left side (pink + Orange) where you can skip from each of sites three ‘chapters’.

In the horizontal bar in the top you navigate through the Lounge Hotel pages (Room, surroundings, bookings)

… stylish functionality in our opinion.

Another detail.

From all sites – if you click the small icon to the far right in the black ‘top’ bar (circle-with-a-dot) a new contact bar opens in the top of the picture which makes it fast and easy to get to the idea & the people behind Tings.

Just in case you don’t know.

  • The site will of course be Search-Engine-Optimized and integrated with FB, YouTube, Wiki, Trip Advisor, A Small World, Twitter and all other relevant social networks where Thomas is very active. Our aim is to top searches on Google and Yahoo.
  • Except from the animated intro all pages will be dynamic and easy to work with for everybody.
  • We will use a special technic for the font so that in stead of standard internet fonts all headlines etc can be  Hoefler – the beautiful soul (together with the logo) of our visual identity.
  • The back end will have a few but very important functions. Beside the booking functionality we will make a simple tool that makes it easy for the manager to follow the business and compare it to the monthly budget.

Line Krüger is responsible for the design, Rikke Hagemann for the web functionality  and our friends Sudeep and Prakash for the programming – in close cooperation with us…

More  post on the progress of the website to come. And as soon as we’re ready we will open for the FB Fansite. Twitter etc.

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