Monday 2nd August 2010 – The local foreigners show a huge interest in our project, scarry!

This Monday marks a new phase in the construction project.

The ‘frame’ of our penthouse on the top is finished. The walls, the roof, the kitchen etc. is finished!!

When I left the house in the afternoon the workers started plastering (can you say that?) the walls. It’s amazing how much that changes ones impression of how the final result will be.

Have a look – am I right?

The workers started plastering all the walls today. See how much it changes everything. Now it starts to look real house!!!???

… and this is how it looks from the garden.

Look how big the difference is before and after plastering. This is our 'atrium' in the South/Western corner. Just wait until it all is painted 🙂

This is the view from our small atrium in the apartment’s south/western corner. Here you have direct access from the guest room. Imagine it with flowers, plants and green trees and all Annette’s details..

The view fra the top floor's atrium. The perfect shady spot for a glass of home made ice tea... everything is a mess @ the moment. But that will change.

It’s very hard for me – Thomas- to be alone, with out Annette.

But there is one big advantage. Loneliness makes me go out – and that is exactly what I have been doing. On Sunday we celebrated Jerry Garcia’s birthday @ Jazz Upstairs (and me – my son’s). Here I met a lot of people I have seen many times before around town, but never really had a conversation with. It turned out that I have a lot in common with most of them.

And more interesting – all of them seems to need a place like Tings Tea Lounge to hang out after work or 2 lunch time. And several of them needs a place to stay – either for them selves OR for their colleagues.

Stevan is one of them. He is working for Producer at Search for Common Ground and has followed the project closely without out knowledge. His office is in the building next door facing our garden with the bathroom tower.

Coincidence or Karma?

Currently Stevan is staying at Mandala House which works but doesn’t have the atmosphere and the location as Tings Lounge Hotel has. Next week he is leaving for South Africa and Zimbabwe.

When Stevan heard about our plans he immediately asked about the possibility of a long term stay when he returns to Kathmandu again later this year. I’m looking forward to sharing new music with him.

By then the construction madness is history… We hope

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