Wednesday 28th July 2010 – The first sold out days are in the book.

This is a BIG day.

We got more bookings. Not the first one – close friends of ours booked rooms in October for the family when we left Denmark 1½ ago 🙂 and several others have booked all ready from September.

But to day is something special. Pia & Lakha have a group in town in November and booked all rooms for 3 days.

The bookings are now so numerous that we need to get a calender to register it all until we have an online solution.

Besides the impact it has on the business – it’s good to get started – it is very motivating to feel the interest here in the middle of chaos.

Things are very depressing being alone while Annette is in Denmark visiting family and a few friends AND collecting different things for Tings – amongst others Danish Duvets which I’m sure will bring a lot of comforts to the guest that stays at Tings during December & January.

Actually things could be worse – the day has been so busy that I haven’t had time feeling sorry for my self because of Annettes absence.

Dawa has kept my company – he is preparing a collection of different handicrafts to send to Caretrade in Copenhagen with a friend that leaves on Friday.

One of he’s suplyers came by with a sample of a bag. Dawa suggested him for some of the products we will launch under the Tings Brand. As usual I introduced my self – speaking English of course since nobody understands a word of my Nepali.

Sorry Sir, No collage no knowledge…

… was his smiling answer to my: How are you?

For those of you out there that haven’t been i Nepal before and are planning to come – look forward to meet the rich Nepalese humor.

I misused Dawa’s company ti try out a local eatery that opened 4 days ago. Everything is written in Nepali and nobody speaks a word of English which i kind of funny since it is located in one of the most expensive and international neighborhoods in Kathmandu. One of the reasons for it’s existence must be all the offices that are everywhere, with employees that needs their dalh bath for lunch. Unfortunately the food was very bad – this is one we can’t recommended.

A barnd new eatery on Lazimpat Road

Got another mail from a fellow member from the Social Network: A Small World – this time its a Spanish (?) guy who will stay in Nepal for only 4 days.

Very encouraging with all these people that call us for advices.

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