Thursday 15th July 2010

Joke of the day!

Anju Panth came by early while Thomas was working and Annette doing her Yoga in our room @ Tushita.

She had something to tell us. Nut bad news – maybe the contrary. The person that had stopped the building of the front house at the municipality had contacted her and told her thar it was OK to continue as before as long as we didn’t make a concrete roof???

We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The work has been put on hold for two weeks – and now the envious persons that caused all the problems arrive out of the blue and expect us to continue as if nothing has happened?

The only explanation for this sudden willingness to keep everything as before is of course because they have seen Annette and our new engineer from the municipality taking actions to move the whole building the 3 meters back from the center of the road so we now have the possibilities to ad a first floor – legally! And that is exactly what we will do.

As said before – from know on all things we build will follow the rules 100 %.

The positive thing is that Anju now knows who the troublemakers are – and it’s not family or friends.

½ hour after Anju left Nanny – our old didi – came by and introduced us to her nephew and handed over a CV from her niece. She wants to help them getting a job. Again we told her that our manager Sis is taking care of that business and asked them to call her. When we showed Nanny around it was obvious to everyone that she liked what she saw. Her eyes were flashing whith joy when we asked her to come back again soon…

Around lunch Finn Thilsted – our Danish Embassador – called.

Thomas, I just passed Nepali Chulo, how far shall we continue….

By then his driver had all ready passed our house and was about to turn left at the end of the road towards the British Embassy… I told Finn to get out of the car and return by foot the 20 meter back to our gate and tell his driver to turn the car while we were showing him around.

Finn has followed our doings since we arrived 1½ ago. He has had his doubt about our plans, ideas and visions. Not because he doesn’t believe in them – more because he knows about all the problems you run into with workers and authorities…

You’ll get cheated, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll be sad… was his message to us at our first meeting.

But can’t you say that every where?

Ambassador Finn Thilsted visit the construction site and checking out one of the poles that very soon will carry the roof of our loft apartment.


Finn saw everything. And we believe he liked what he saw. Before he left for his business lunch he said that he would like to come back and stay when he retires in September. That can of course also have something to do with our prices. 35 USD for a room is affordable – even for his pension 🙂

The day ended with another high light. We had our first business meeting with power point, projector, soft drinks, beer and snacks. Thomas is doing some consultancy work for Gorkha Brewery and invited the team to the house…

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