Monday 12th July 2010

The workers are back!

I started working at 6 am – and already before 8 am the hammering started.

Since we now sleep in a hotel it’s actually nice to know that things – or Tings – are progressing.

Notice the wires - it's must be done properly!

The bathroom tower is beginning to take shape on first floor. This afternoon they started making the concrete floor/roof between ground floor and first floor.

That mean – one more floor to go.

Annette and Dawa met with the engineer in the afternoon.

Now we go for a solution where we move the wall of the front house 1.70 m away from the  roadside of the present wall keeping as much as possible of the building we have allready made, add two more rooms on the first floor and leave the tower as it is. It will be more expensive. But this solution has 3 obvious advantages: It will be 100 % legal, it will look great AND it will  improve our business by increasing the number of rooms from 9 to 10.

The building itself will off course be very charming but the rooms will be FANTASTIC with charming balconies facing the garden in front of the two rooms on first floor and a patio in front of and between the two on the ground floor.

We’ll post the drawings as soon as we get the official one.

Sis has set up meetings with two girls on Saturday – we’re looking forward to that.

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