Tuesday 1st June 2010, vol 2 – our constructor is gone with the wind…

… on the  day of our take over of the house the situation is chaotic.

Yesterday we met up with Arjun.  Our friend and constructor of Tings. We thought we were going to discuss the timing of the reconstruction of the house and clear up the budget. Now that we got the keys we want to start ASAP.

Arjun kind of invited himself into the project. When 3 months ago we called him  to get contacts advices etc.  he asked us to meet him at a construction site where he was building a new restaurant.

This house is build in less than 3 months. I have all the workers, you can get our ‘left over’ for a good price. etc.

What do you think?

Arjun introduced us to his architect and we met all together at Tings house to start up our collaboration 10 weeks ago. A month after Arjun left for Japan.

The arcihtect will finish his drawings and the budget in a couple of days were Arjun’s last words before he left for the airport.

The drawings and a far-out budget were finished 4 weeks later… after several calls to Japan where we emphasized the importance of starting the reconstruction of the house as soon as we take over…

It was this reconstruction we expected to Kick Off yesterday.

Instead Annette was met with Arjun saying : Oh – but I cannot make the rebuilding for you! I can tell you which workers to use and where you can buy your materials like sand and iron etc. But you have make the planning and organize it your self – I cannot take responsibility for that.

ARJUN PULLED OUT – after 2-3 months of talking!!!

So now the hot air balloon has left us in a situation that in best case will set us several weeks back… we won’t even think of the worst case…

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