Friday 28th May 2010

Kiki is in town. Had her for dinner on our fantastic terrace – we’re going to miss this oasis. But then again – @ Tings Annette will make a better, bigger AND drier one … The Pre Monsoon has started which means that it’s very uncertain whether we can have guests on the terrace.

Since he now had a gastronomical guinea pig Thomas served some of our personal favorites and future dishes on Tings Tea Lounge Menu.


The best a man can get...

.... add a good olive oil and croutons. Yummy

… with green coriander croutons

Old bread and fresh herbs from the market

Green Coriander Croutons - perfect with Gazpacho

Water Mellon Salad a la Pia Dam
A brand new dish.

Pia Dam's fantastic Water Melon Salad.

Why make life difficult? These ingredients are just outside our door!

Take a fresh water melon. Cut it into big cubes.
Add a huge bouquet of freshly chopped mint leaves + chopped green chilly + garlic
Take a dash of olive oil and top with whole mint leaves (for the beauty)

One of the wonders that makes life worth living!


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