9th May 2010

Very quiet morning – the only sounds are the birds singing and barking dogs. Strange since this Sunday is the 2nd day after the General Strike was cancelled around midnight between Friday and Saturday.

After our dinner Friday @ our local favorite Tandori Fast Food on Lazimpat Rd. and Friday-night-cocktail @ Bhumi Lounge I was surfing the web for updates about the Maoist situation. Not surprisingly I got the news via Twitter and Facebook and NOT from the papers.

7:30 AM we met with Arjun and the architect and went through the last and final changes to the drawings. They are now FINISHED – and ready for official approval. Next step is the budget and timing.

Finally, all our practical problems in Denmark are very close to an ending (touch wood). The situation here has been very unstable and very unsecure the last 6 months. But our new tenants moved in Friday and today (Sunday) Kasper is removing the last items from the flat.

A big relief as we now can focus on our life here in Kathmandu AND the work on Tings.

We celebrated the normal situation+the drawings +CPH with a delicious breakfast with Italian Bread from our favorite bakery: Shangri-La, delicious cheese, eggs, watermelon and Kathmandu Post + Republica followed by chill out in our hammocks on our sunny terrace with Murakami: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (Thomas) and Greg Mortenson: Three Cups of Tea (Annette).

Afternoon beer @ Lazimpat Gallery Café where we interviewed a girl that wants to work at Tings. She was very nice and very skilled. We told her that we’re looking for a manager and once we have found him/her we would get back. It is important that the future manager hire his/her own staff.

Kathmandu Guest House

During our dinner with Gaia, Louise and Lis on Friday we talked about how difficult it had been for them to get back to Kathmandu due to the strike. When the girls arrived back @ KGH after hours in the rain on the Ring Rd outside Baktapur they found the parking packed with cars with tourist only plates. KGH could easily have picked them up and saved ‘their guest’ a lot of worries – it is in situations like these, you need a hotel you can trust. It’s scary that an institution like Kathmandu Guest House doesn’t care at all about their guests.  And KGH is NOT cheap. 50 USD for smelly worn out rooms – and 2.000 NRP for lunch for 3 (buffet). Our dinner at Tandori Fast Food (the best in town) cost 1.800 NRP for 5 including 4 beers!

We are happy – we have 3 future guests!

Up sites

Tings will have 9 (NINE) rooms – 1 (ONE) more than originally planned 🙂

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