Thursday 22nd April 2010

Wake up early again. 4:50 a.m.

Prakash has mailed me all the registration forms for the domains we have ordered. One of them is for this blog – everybody have advised me to make a .org blog instead of the .com I use for my own personal blog.  I try to create it myself so I can start blogging right away but give up when the system asks me to create something in a database on my hosting server… Prakash, HELP!!

Start working on the web structure without getting anything done – I really need some tools I can use to gather all the response and feedback we get from people.

We have our first fight. The combination: mental frustration of being ‘in business’ without an office + our different priorities stresses us, and especially me. I am loaded with energy I can’t get out because I don’t have the tools to work with, while Annette is mentally involved with designing everything.

But it’s a process we have to get through – things will get better as soon as the first physical things are finished.

Annette got a very positive mail from our close friend Eva Steen Christensen – she’s is very busy finishing a BEAUTIFUL sculpture for Kjeld Petersens Plads – one of the Squares in Copenhagen. She is thinking of coming by in August on her way to/from Beijing where she has to check the works on her huge sculpture. CROSS FINGERS.

Annette also got the prices for the sample soaps she is making for the Lounge Hotel. The cheapest soaps cost 15 NRP (whole sale) for a 20 gr. piece, but this is not a favorite of Annette – she has a much  more expensive taste!

After all the years in the extremely busy and stressing Danish/International marketing/entertainment industry it’s kind of weird using mental energy on 20 gr. pieces of soap.

I’d better get used to it.

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