The Himalayan Times: Tings Tea Lounge one of the best tea places


himalayan times tea

Last week The Himalaya Times came by Tings, had a chat with Annette and tasted several teas


Guess it doesn’t matter so much these days. But Shreeya, we’re Danes, not Dutch 🙂

Yesterday The Himalaya Times highlighted Tings Tea Lounge as one of the best tea places in Kathmandu that serves freshly brewed teas.

We don’t know if that is correct – but thanks any way.

Being the best was never our ambition when we stated up Tings Tea Lounge more than 6 years ago. Back then Annette just wanted to share her passion for tea by serving the best teas from Nepal and all over the world – carefully selected by herself – including our Organic Himalayan White from Illam that – in her opinion – is the best white tea ever (better than any Silver Tips).

What we do know is that our lounge with selected teas is one of the oldest in Kathmandu. The two other cafes that were around when we opened are both closed today – which is sad. So we seriously hope that the tea hubs that are around today will last, and that more will come. If tea is going to have a future in Nepal we need tea places that focus on all aspect of a cup of tea – including educating people on how to treat and enjoy them.

Our selection varies – now and then we find a new fantastic tea, and sometimes the quality of one of our (previous) favourites does not live up to our expectation, and is de-listed.  Today we have 18 different tea,  a few specialities not included in the menu for tea connoisseurs only, as well as our own ice teas and a – very popular – drink Tings Tonic.


We keep getting people who wants to order milk and sugar with their choice of our special teas

Not only do we  write on the top of our Tea Menu that our teas are not to be spoiled with milk and sugar – we also explain why.

Still people get angry and take us for being arrogant when we refuse to serve milk with our special teas and instead recommend a ‘normal’ milk tea from our hot drinks menu.

But we are NOT arrogant.

All our teas are not only special: They are all chosen for their complexity, taste and texture – some of them are the champagnes of teas. Drinking them with milk and sugar would be like ordering orange juice, chopped fruit & ice-cube with a bottle of vintage Chateau Mouton-Rothschild because you like Sangria.

Fortunately these guests are few, and as the number of loyal tea lovers sitting in our lounge working for hours over a pot of Annette’s tea selection increases, we slowly realize that our Tea Mission is accomplished – at least in Lazimpat and around.

If you are curious  check out our current selection of teas here – or even better come by Tings.

And very soon travellers visiting Lisbon will get the same opportunity when our Tea Lounge opens in Tings Lisbon end of May 2017. Last week Annette decided on the Nepalese tea selection she wants to bring to Europe.


A little secret – in case you don’t know where Lazimpat is our friends at Places in Thamel have a small selection of Tings Teas on their menu.






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