life is very confusing!

But in this difficult situation miracles happen.

Like yesterday when we went to the Immigration Office to renew our Business Visa.

Something I really fear.

The bureaucracy is horrible, it takes forever and you never now if the office guys want money and if so, how much (but we never do that!).

Or it used to be.

Yesterday we had the best experience EVER with authorities in Nepal.

We arrived 2:27 pm (3 minutes before the office closed) and went straight to the internet  registration boot where a very service minded young guy registered all our data on the net in less than 5 minutes.

Then straight to the Business Visa office 201 on second floor where two even more service minded employes welcomed us with huge smiles, received our papers, checked them and told us to go and pay the visa fee and come back.

When we returned with the receipt they checked the the papers one more time, inserted the new visa in our passports, signed them and returned them to us with a smile and a “Have a good day”.

At 2:52 pm (after 25 minutes) we left the immigration office with a very positive impression.

Not only did the emplyees change our view upon the authorities. It gave us a hope of changes – something we really need in this difficult situation, where Nepal is entering it’s 4th month without petrol and gas and – for the same reasons – no tourists, no business, shortages etc.


So a BIG SHOUT OUT from Annette and myself. The Immigration Office Guys are fantastic!


One more positive thing – the office didn’t smell of piss like most other government buldings.


At the time of writing Tribhuvan International Airport is the worst airport in the world. This first impression that welcomes all travellers is a big disgrace.

My suggestion: Transfer the management from The Immigration Office to the airport. The positive impact on tourism will be HUGE…


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