Aditya Aryal exhibits at gallery GivLOWE in Lisbon

One of our ideas behind Tings is to create a ‘space’, where we can involve and develop young talent. We work with perfoming art, music, StartUp, food and design. All are areas that we personally love, and where we have a lot experience, we can share.


Because we love it…


Aditya Aryal - self portrait

Self Portrait – Click pix for more info

PrasadAdTings in 2013 is the most successfull contemporary art project in Nepal

The year before in 2012 we did our first group show with young contemporary Nepalese art

The show was not a commercial success. But it establised Tings as the new local art hub for young talent, and gave us an insight in the local scene: What was the strenghts and weakness, who were the most potential artists etc.?

PrasadAdTings - th 8th Art@Tings project

PrasadAdTings is still the most succesfull artshow in Nepal. Click pix for more info

Soon after 5 young boys and girls entered our gate. They called themselves ArtLab and they had been playing with an idea, they wanted us to get involved in. They called their idea Prasad.

We had no clue what Prasad was (is). But when they told us that they wanted to portray their local heroes – people that ment something to them, people that inspired their art and encouraged them – we got it. The best English word might be Tribute.

When they told us about their dreams – how they wanted to live form their art and keep their artistic freedom and integrity – we  found the drive and energy you need to exploit talent. And more important – when ArtLab told us that they didn’t want involvement from NGO’s, Governments and all the usual donors – that Prasad was about art and not charity – we were convinced.

PrasadAdTings is the first successful project that is based on artistic integrity. No charity money or people was involved. The huge commercial succes was based on the quality of the art of the talented artists.

PrasadAdTings not only opened the local medias eyes to the young art scene. The international street art communities covered the event. More important – the exhibition was a huge commercially success.

We don’t take credit for PrasadAdTings’ success. It’s the artists’ achievement. We just directed the project: Showed them how to handle the press, showed them how to use social media, convinced them about their talent and stopped the artists when things got too weird.


adityr-arial - Rape Me

Rape Me – the art piece that shocked Nepal. Click pix for more info.

Aditya Aryal was the driving creative force behind Prasad – and the first artist we have supervised

After the show Aditya Aryal – the driving force behind the project – visited us at Tings. He wanted to continue his career as an artist and asked if we would help.

We had already spotted him out. In our oppinion he was the most talented artist of the team. But more important – it was his energy and his take-no-prisoners attitude that made ArtAdTings sucessfull. Talent alone is not enough – you need drive and determination to exploit it.

Since then Aditya Aryal has been one of the artists we try to help with the career.

Pardon my French: But in relation to art we give a S*** about poverty, earthquakes, corruption and all the other labels you alwas put on people from Nepal. The only thing that matters to us is Talent!

In May this year we got the first proof, that our constant focus on talent is right.

Aditya Aryal was invited to participate in an international art event in Denmark. We used the occasion to send him on a 3 months European Art Tour that took him to Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Schwitzerland and Holland.

The tour was a huge commercial success. Aditya Aryal not only sold his art everywhere. He also got introduced to a lot of galleries and art people. International art network is another important factor, if you want to make it as an artist.

GIW Lowe

Aditya Aryal at Giv’ Your Face @ GivLOWE – Click pix for more Info


See Aditya Aryal’s works at GivLOWE in Lisbon

Lisbon was on our list of relevant cities to visit, but 3 months were too short time.

Still we got a positive output form our pitches.

2 months ago Aditya Aryal got a call from GivLOWE – one of our favorit art hubs in Lisbon. They invited him to join their group show: Give Your Face.

Last Friday the show opened. So for the first time the Portuguese art scene has a chance to see art from one of the most talented Nepalese Artists right now.

Aditya Arials has the following 3 pieces at Give Your Face

GiwLove Aditya - Pushpa Bashnet (2)

Pushpa Bashnet – Click Pix for more info.


GiwLove - Aditya - Laksmi Prasad Devokta(3)

Laksmi Prasad Devokta – Click Pix for more info


GiwLove Aditya - Pasang Lhamu Sherpha

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa – Click Pix for more info


Price: 160 Euros

Size: A2

High Quality print Toscana Pigment Ink on 200 grams paper


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