To our sponsors – this is the value you get for your support!

Just got back to Tings and this very encouraging update from Muchok

We just returned to Kathmandu after 2 months in Lisbon. While we have working on our next Tings our friends from ReBuildNepal Foundation have build shelters for the heavy monsoon in Muchok.



Kindly find the pictures herewith attached for your reference.

We apologize for the delay as we were not able to reach rural affected area due to slippery road caused by monsoon season but we make sure it won’t be delayed from September(end of the monsoon season).

We also like to inform you that Dhalke Nepali and Rashmi Nepali are in laws, so they have build their houses together with the provided galvanized roof sheets.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,

Sumena Chitrakar


In case you don’t remember

Muchock was the village in Gorkha where we went on a research trip back in July.

One of the conclusions from that trip was to build shelters… as you can see here, non of the houses had roofs.

Now they have 🙂 21 20 14 7 6 4

S. no 1 & 2

…. and soon we will return at build new earthquake resistant houses


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