We’re building schools in Jiri – the kids left this morning.


7:30 am our rebuild raiders left the the 2nd visit to Jiri.

This time to rebuild the school’s 5 classrooms.


18 May we send a loaded truck with tarps, rice, medicin etc to MITHUN’S VILLAGE – JIRI.

Three days ago Mithun’s brother Santosh came by Tings and told us about Jiri’s school.

Like in many other villages it is in a very bad shape.

Jiri Raid #2 - school (10)

Jiri has done a lot to make temporary shelters for the kids. But they still need a lot to improve their situation.

Jiri Raid #2 - school (8)

Imagine how muddy floors like this get when the its raining?

Jiri Raid #2 - school (6)

These days when its raining cats and dogs several times a week teaching the kids is very difficult under such conditions

Two hours ago we received this message

Tings kids have safely reached Jiri. This is the second trip to Jiri in a month. According to the team, its been raining cats and dogs in Jiri.

There were couple of landslides on the way to Jiri but the team have reached safety. Tomorrow they will start rebuilding a school in Jiri

After a 10 hours busride they need a good an solid dal bath and a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow they start building the school together with the locals.

We expect to have David, Coco & Christoffer back on Wednesday.




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