Art Lovers – Urban Myth opens tomorrow. Don’t miss this one.

Urban Myths#3

On October 8 we opened our 2nd Art@Tings exhibition. A collection of works made exclusively for Tings Tea Lounge by Bruno Levy who then spend several months in Kathmandu. This was our first exhibition of street art.

In fall 2011 Kathmandu was covered in huge colorful FEET everywhere. I have noticed the for a while and got more and more curious about the project. One day I passed by Kantipath in a Tempo and saw a brand new piece… again a big foot piece by the same artist. I returned and shot a video of the piece and posted it on this blog and called the artist – or friends of the artist. I have decided to run an exhibition with him or her.

It turned out to be a ‘him’.


On 28th October 2011 we opened StreetArt@Tings – Bruno Levy. 


Most of his works were sold – and most of his walls don’t exist. So you rarely see them anymore.

Fortunately we bought a few pieces ourselves. They usually decorate the walls at Tings but City Museum has borrowed them so art lovers can get a glimpse of the works that have inspired a lot of young Nepalese artists.


Bruno Levy’s soundscapes on Soundcloud



Bruno Levy is from France but lives inNew York. He still does art – but very different from his Kathmandu days.



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