Karma Coffee Nepal was born out of passion for coffee and its fascinating journey from crop to cup. We believe coffee tastes thousand times better when you know where your beans come from.
From Karma Coffee’s Facebook Page


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PEOPLE who live in OUR part of Kathmandu rarely go to the Southern part of town.

Same with us – the traffic is killing us.

Sometimes we have to go – and when we do we always take a break at Karma Coffee – a tiny heavenly spot in hidden away behind Jhamsikhel in a horrible concrete building that used to be lifeless but now flourish with creative ambiance, music and small spots where coffee lovers relax with a book or just chill – all thanks to Birgit Lienhart and her fantastic team.

Birgit called us 4 months ago and asked why we didn’t sell their coffee.

We didn’t because we didn’t know about Karma Coffee and because the thought of selling coffee never occurred to us. After all Tings is a Tea Lounge.


Karma 4


Karma Coffee has been on our menu since December

We have sold Karma Coffee’s Drip/Pour coffee – or ‘the regular’ – since December. It has been a small secret here in Lazimpat – mostly because we haven’t promoted it. We wanted to be sure that we brew and serve the coffee so it meets Karma Coffee’s standards.

We do that now – and our guests love it.

So if you do not have the time and possibility to go the ‘source’ in Jhamskhel – don’t panic. You can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Karma Coffee in our part of town.


Annette & Thomas and the rest of us… 🙂


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