Travelers on the way to Kathmandu and Tings: Xmas Eve in town?

This year we celebrate the 3rd Christmas at Tings. And like the previous two we’ll try our best to live up to the expectation of our guests and friends – and our own – about the Christmas dinner and our way of interpreting the different Xmas dishes.



Our first dinner was – like so many other things we do – very spontaneous.

The days before the 24th 2011 Thomas played around in the kitchen cooking the usual traditional Xmas dishes. Or as close you get with the local ingredients available. The  pork roast with crispy skin was made from its half brother: the local wild boa. The red cabbage from its white sister with a lot of red wine, huge legs of confit de chicken made it up for the Duck and the traditional Nepalese rice pudding he changed a bit to get a classic ris-a-la-mande like our mother made it. The caramelised potatoes, pickled cucumber, pumpkin etc was easy – the ingredients for that are all easily available on the market.

We ended up having lots of food – far too much for Thomas, Annette and their friends. So it was obvious to put it on the menu for todays special on 24th so guests who hadn’t other plans could join.

We ended up being around 20 people from all over the world eating together on the top floor with the fire wood stove heating up the room beautifully decorated with small presents Annette had bought for everyone and and wrapped in colored Nepali paper.

Last year it was a bit more organized. Mostly because we got request from a family who asked about our arrangements for Christmas Eve. They didn’t ask about if we did something – they wanted to know what we did 🙂

Again we had another wonderful evening – it’s always something special when you don’t have to worry about the time and about how to get home. And again with more food than we could eat.

On this years Christmas Eve – the 24th of December – we will arrange our 3rd Christmas Dinner. Again with guests and friends mixed together. And again with the same kind of menu like the previous years – only better since Jit just returned after a 90 days internship in various Danish kitchens and with a lot of good recipes.

So if you are on the way to Tings and don’t know what else to do you are more than welcome to join.

It will be a ‘private/ dinner which means that we don’t have to close at 10 pm like the rest of town. But it also means that we all eat together… we usually starts around 7 with a glass of Mullet wine and end when the last guests going to bed.

Mail us if you want to know about prices, make a reservation etc…


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