MINGALABAR. Tings Yangon – work in progress

NB: Please keep us updated for your Myanmar project as I will be ur 1st guest! 

This is how Hich ends his mail we just received an hour ago.

The funny thing is that Annette and I was just starting up on our Action Plan/Budget etc…

And two days ago our lawyer in Yangon mailed us that one of out key issues isn’t a problem any longer. We can start up Tings Yangon without local partners… If our lawyer doesn’t know who does… his office translates all the Myanmar laws to English 🙂

Now we only waits for the President Thein Sein to sign the new FDI Law to return to Yangon…. so hopefully after Tihar.

Stayed tuned…

Annette & Thomas

We get a lot of mails and FB/LinkedIn/ messages regarding Tings Yangon. Very soon we’ll open our Tings Yangon Blog where you can get all information and follow our progress. So have patience…


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