Just got our best review on TripAdvisor ever: TERRIBLE!

“Disappointing in the End..!!”

 …writes Tej this morning. His overall review: TERRIBLE! – read the review here.

Actually Tej’s review is the best we have ever had…

It shows all travelers who are looking for a quiet and relaxed place that we do our outmost to live up to that.

The sad thing is that review itself is very unfair to our young staff that works hard to keep Tings up to the standard we know travelers like ourselves like.

What Tej doesn’t tell is

  • Annette tried to calm the party down twice before she gave up and asked me to do something…
  • I told them twice to calm down before telling them that I would call help from the police
  • I told them that we had complaints from other guests because of their noise
  • That one of them was so drunk that he puked very loudly for an hour after the party finished

This ‘event’ was a Catch 22: I either had to tell this group to be quiet OR getting the rest of our 7 rooms on my back…

The strange thing is the group praised all our rooms, our garden (which is a mess these days) the food, our service, etc. several times the previous two days. And the overall rating of 1 star does not represent Tej’s ratings of each of the 6 parameters he reviewed. It should at least be Average.

The problem is that Tej and his friends obviously only had one purpose for visiting Nepal: Drinking which is understandably as he lives in Doha.

Not only did they choose the wrong country for that. They choose the wrong part of town AND the wrong hotel/guest house. If we had known before we would have asked them to move to Radison 5 minutes from Tings – a very popular holiday destination for Indian’s who can’t drink at home. The casino is open 24/7 and provides free beers and alcohol (and the best Indian food in town) as long as you gamble.

But we didn’t know that.

The review is harassment from rich spoiled young kids that were told to behave… maybe for the first time in their life.

They obviously didn’t know anything about all the wonders Kathmandu offers..


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